Luke Bryan Offered Position As Judge On American Idol Reboot: Is He A Good Pick, And What Does This Mean For The Remaining Judges Spot?

TMZ shared yesterday that American Idol producers have made an offer to country superstar, Luke Bryan, to be a judge on the upcoming reboot season on ABC. If he were to accept this offer, he will join the celebrity cast alongside fellow judge Katy Perry, and OG host Ryan Seacrest. With filming beginning in only a few weeks, pressure is mounting on producers to fill that third seat as soon as possible.

I’ll admit, I occasionally enjoy some of Luke’s music (especially Move, that shit’s my driving jam, and one of these days I’ll record myself screaming the lyrics into my steering wheel), but still I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of his. I mean, he’s far from the worst potential judge on the table, but I just feel like there are such better options they could have chosen from. His live performance skills also occasionally leave a bit to be desired, which leaves me a little conflicted on him potentially being a judge for other singers.

Putting his questionable performing skills aside though, all I really care about is if he can judge. As long as he is fair and can occasionally provide some good thoughts and critiques, I’m all for him coming aboard. He may not be the biggest name to potential join the show, of which I assume is a product of the tight budget, but maybe he can still surprise us. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll all be clamoring about how Katy is the biggest casting dud ever and Luke is a pleasant surprise; what I’m saying is at least give the dude a chance. If when the show airs his judging skills suck, then by all means criticize the hell out of him. Until then, he’s probably going to be joining the show whether we want him to or not, so we might as well at least try and stay optimistic.

Assuming that Luke is the second judge to join the reboot and producers are shooting for a judging panel of three, that just leaves one open spot remaining. So what does Luke’s casting mean for that remaining seat? Well, for one it basically ends all potential of Keith Urban returning, as he will have filled the country star slot and there obviously will be no need for another. If I had to guess, that last spot will probably go to a soul or R&B singer, as the producers seem to be trying to cover all of the major musical bases. Katy is pop, Luke will be country, and ____ will be soul/R&B. Of the rumors going around, that would mean it’s between Charlie Puth and Lionel Richie, of which I have no idea who I’d want to go with. Whoever is the lucky winner will have to settle on the dregs of whatever’s left of the Idol budget though, which can’t be much at this point. My hopes of some money going to expanding the Idol songbooks never stood a chance.

So what do you think about Luke Bryan likely joining the judges panel? Who do you hope will fill the remaining seat? How many times this season do you think we’ll be forced to listen to a singer wail their way through I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing? Let me know in the comments below!

Until we met again in another post, later! 🙂


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