America’s Got Talent Season 12 Winner Predictions

Tonight the top 10 acts of season 12 of America’s Got Talent performed for the title and one million dollar grand prize. While there were some strong moments over the course of the show, one contestant’s performance reaffirmed the belief that this episode was just a formality in her march to the coronation. No matter what the other acts tried to pull, it’s looking increasingly likely that their demise was set in stone as far back as the audition rounds.

If this season has taught me anything over the course of its run, it’s that if you want any chance of possibly winning the show, you need to have received a Golden Buzzer at some point in the competition. Between the potential candidates for the title in Darci Lynne, Mandy Harvey, Light Balance, and Angelica Hale, I just see no way that the winner doesn’t come from one of those 4. The correlation between them all having received one of the buzzers is quite telling. Sorry everyone else who didn’t get a Golden Buzzer, you were basically just glorified filler.

I don’t think a large introduction is in order, and I’m just going to come out with my winner predictions. Here it is.

Darci Lynne Will Be The Winner Of Season 12 Of American’s Got Talent.

I think I’m going to start dubbing runs like Darci’s “The Grace Vanderwaal Effect.” This term is used to identify acts that were the beneficiaries of producer’s agenda. They are contestants who were favorites ever since their audition, and stayed at the top, unchallenged all the way to their coronations. Granted Grace deserved her win, as will Darci after her incredible performances, but having contestants who are so above and beyond everyone else makes the show less fun. It just seems like the results are already set and everyone else is playing for second, which isn’t enjoyable to watch.

Oh, and on the incredibly slim, offhand chance that Darci doesn’t end up this season’s champion, the winner will come from one of the other 3 acts I listed before. If I’m wrong that the winner doesn’t come from those 4, I’ll eat my computer. Like I said, I think everyone else was pretty much just glorified fodder.

Another point I wanted to mention from the finale is the awful, awful transition from having singer Evie Clair share the emotional story of her father’s passing, to comedian Preacher Lawson performing a routine about a run in he had with a drug addict. What in the hell even was that? Not only was it really awkward, but it was also incredibly unfair to Preacher. It was like he was walking out to everyone leaving a memorial, and he didn’t deserve that. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it might have been a ploy to flush his act and ensure an awkward atmosphere so he doesn’t win, but I think that’s giving the producers to much credit here. I think this can just be chalked up to unfortunate planning.

So those are my thoughts and predictions from the finale, what are yours? Do you agree that Darci pretty much has this in the bag, or is there another act you see potentially snatching the title? What did you think about the transition from Evie to Preacher’s act? Let me know in the comments below!

Until we meet again in another post, later! 🙂


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