Alicia Keys Announces Return To ‘The Voice’ For Season 14 (VIDEO)

In a cheeky video that was shared on The Voice‘s official Youtube page earlier today, Alicia Keys announced that she will be returning as a coach to the NBC staple for its 14th season. Having taken a break from coaching after her previous stint on season 12, for season 14 Keys will round out the panel of coaches alongside Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. Clarkson, who is a newcomer to the panel, helped break the news.

“I’m so excited because I get to introduce who the final, fourth coach is on season 14,” Clarkson said in the video. “I’m the new one, but this the fourth one that we haven’t mentioned yet.” Clarkson shared that the new coach was waiting behind a door, but when she opened it Shelton and Levine made cheeky appearances. After multiple attempts, Keys finally emerged and broke the news.

“I’m back!” Keys declared, raising a triumphant hand in the air.

During Keys’s appearance on season 12, her contestant Chris Blue was crowned the winner, beating out Lauren Duski from Team Blake in what many considered a surprising result. Now she is back and hoping to defend her crown.

“Season 14, she’s back! Is she going to win? Probably not, because I’m here!” Kelly joked.

Season 14 of The Voice is set to premier in 2018. Previous host, Carson Daily is also set to return.

What do you think about Alicia Keys returning? Are you a fan of hers? Who do you think would make a good coach for the show? Let me know in the comments below!

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