‘Dancing With The Stars’ Movie Night: My Elimination Predictions

Tonight on ABC is a movie-themed episode of Dancing With The Stars. While full spoilers have already been released for the episode, which you can check out HERE, I’d like to share my elimination predictions for the show. Check ’em out below!

Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd will be eliminated tonight. Terrell and Cheryl have an outside chance of going home, but I think it’s highly unlikely.

Yep, I think Nick’s run on DWTS will officially come to an end tonight. Even if he somehow manages to survive, I don’t see any see any scenario where he lasts a week or two further. The finale seems pretty set at this point to consist of Lindsey, Frankie, and Jordan, and I think his wife, Vanessa, is looking at a best case scenario of finishing fourth. I don’t see that coming to fruition though, because for that to happen it would mean she’ll have to have triumphed over the beast that is Victoria Arlen, which seems ludicrous. Stranger things have happened though.

So Nick and Peta are the couple that I’m predicting will be eliminated tonight. Do you agree? Which routine are you most excited to see in tonight’s episode? Who do you think is going to win this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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