‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 To Drop On Netflix Tomorrow

Get ready to break out the nearest D&D board and Eggo waffles, because season 2 of Stranger Things is dropping on Netflix tomorrow!

As a huge fan of the show, I’m super excited to see what The Duffer Brothers have in store for us. I’ve been doing pretty well avoiding spoilers so far, and at this point I’m basically counting down the hours until the release tomorrow, which at 3:00 a.m. is technically tonight. While I would like to try and stretch the episodes out to make the season last longer, I know in the end I’ll be binging it. I’m especially curious though to find out what’s going on with Will, Eleven and The Upside Down.

Speaking with usatoday.com, The Duffer Brothers explained that the season is inevitably going to be a lot darker than the previous iteration.

“It’s really about them dealing with a very traumatic event in all of their lives,” they said in the interview. “We wanted to see how that trauma would affect all of them, whether it’s Nancy (Natalia Dyer) having lost a friend and feeling deep guilt about that, or Joyce (Winona Ryder), who nearly lost a son. We want to see the repercussions of Season 1, and as a result there’s a darker undercurrent to the entire season.”

Regarding how long the show is likely to go on, the brothers shared that they have already mapped out where they see things going.

“We have an end game. We don’t really know how many seasons — we know it’ll be more than three,” they elaborated. “We have rough ideas of what Season 3 will be, but we like to keep it flexible. It always ends up different than we were ever expecting.”

Whatever’s in store for us when we start watching tonight, all I’m really hoping for is that it can deliver to the expectations set by season 1. If it does, expect to hear media outlets exploding with coverage because it’ll be all anyone is talking about.

All aboard the hype train!

Are you excited for Stranger Things? Which character are you most excited to see again? How are you going to watch the season? Are you going to binge watch it, or try and stretch things out? Will we ever get #justiceforbarb? Let me know in the comments below!

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