Frankie Muniz Delivers Incredible Contemporary Performance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 25 (Video)

Every so often there comes a performance on one of these reality competition shows that delivers something particularly special. Such a performance was delivered this week on Dancing With The Stars by Frankie Muniz and his partner, Witney Carson. Performing a contemporary routine to Every Breath You Take, by The Police, Muniz plays the role of a stalker, manipulating his victim, Carson. The performance is truly incredible, and earned the partnership a perfect score from the judges. You can check out the performance below.

I’ll admit, I’m a biased viewer of DWTS. I went into this season having already picked my horse in the race, completely onboard the Lindsey Stirling train. I was fully dedicated to voting for her all the way ’till (hopefully) finale night, but this performance really made me take a step back and reevaluate how I’m viewing the competition. While I am 100% still pulling for Lindsey, this performance solidified myself as a Frankie fan as well. I’ll admit, I even threw him a few votes this week. He earned all the praise he is receiving.

What did you think of Frankie and Witney’s performance? Do you think they might have a chance of winning the season, or do you think Lindsey or Jordan have the season wrapped up? Which performance so far this season has been your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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