My ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Dream Cast

One week ago I shared my thoughts on how I would cast a hypothetical season of Big Brother All-Stars: Heroes vs. Villains, which you can check out HERE. For this week’s big article I decided to put together my dream cast for the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother. Keep in mind while checking out the list that it is by no means meant to be realistic, but rather just who I personally would pick if I got to make all the decisions and everyone who I asked said yes.

Because CBB has been reported to be a condensed version of Big Brother, I narrowed down my list to twelve houseguests. My goal when putting this together was finding an eclectic batch that I feel, above all else, would put on a good show for the viewers. I tried to find a balance between gamers, characters, and potential villains, which I think you’ll see reflected in my picks.

Now on to the cast!


1- Lance Bass (NSYNC Singer)- Lance is known to be a big fan of Big Brother and someone many fans want to see on the show. His knowledge of previous seasons will definitely be useful, and I can see him going pretty deep into the competition.

2- Kevin Smith (Filmmaker and Actor)- Kevin is incredibly affable, and possesses a personality that I think would do well with any batch of contestants. I feel like people would want to include him in their plans, and being pretty smart himself, I think he’d do well.

3- Penn Jillette (Magician and Comedian)- Penn has a great personality, and I think would be very cutthroat and conniving on CBB. I feel like he could even be a potential villain.

4- Donald Faison (Actor)- I really wanted to include someone on my list from one of my favorite shows, Scrubs. I feel like Donald was the perfect choice because he’d be a character that fans would be able to rally behind. Also, I think he would be really entertaining to the live feeders.

5- Alton Brown (Food Network Star)- When putting together my list I was looking at included a celebrity to represent The Food Network. Going between Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, and Alton Brown, I eventually settled on the latter because I saw more potential in him. Alton is great, and I think would really add something special to the show.

6- Dylan Sprouse (Actor)- Dylan is a gamer, and someone who I think would get very invested in the game and play hard. I can see him pulling off some impressive moves.


1- Haley Reinhart (Singer)- I’ve been a huge fan of Haley’s ever since she was on American Idol. I’m curious to see how she’d do when put into the high-pressure game that is Big Brother.

2- Tiffany Pollard (Reality Television Icon)- She’s perfect.

3- Jenna Marbles (Youtuber)- I knew going into this list that I was going to include a Youtuber, but I was really conflicted as to who I wanted it to be. I eventually settled on Jenna because I love her content, I think she’s funny, and she isn’t a total camera hog (at least when compared to Frankie Grande). She also seems very self-aware, which is a useful thing to have on Big Brother. She’s someone I would root for.

4- Amy Bouzaglo (“Chef”)- The trainwreck that this would be is something I need to see happen.

5- Chelsea Peretti (Comedian)- I’m a huge fan of hers and would love to see her on the show. Granted I highly doubt it would ever happen, as she recently became a mother, but still it would be cool to have her onboard.

6- Miranda Cosgrove (Actress)- Miranda’s an interesting pick of mine. I’m not sure how she would do if she got cast, but I’m curious to find out so I included her on my list. She’d be a wildcard.

So that’s my dream cast! Granted I don’t see many of them, if any at all, appearing on the official list, but it still was a lot of fun to put together. I feel like Lance, Kevin, and Jenna would do pretty well with this batch, with contestants like Amy, Tiffany, and Donald being sent home pretty early on. I can also see Dylan and Alton being dark horses if they make it deep into the game. Overall, I see a final three of Lance, Jenna, and Dylan or maybe Alton. I just like that this batch seems like a group that would play hard, which is something the show really needs. I’m hoping we don’t get a cast that’s only on the show for the exposure and (nonexistent) fame that comes afterwards.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Who’s on your wish list for CBB? If my cast was real, who do you think would win? Is there a certain celebrity you’re hoping not to see on the official cast list? Let me know in the comments below!

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