‘The Voice’ 13 Top 12 Power Rankings And Winner Predictions

The Playoffs for The Voice have officially wrapped and we have our final 12! I’ll admit, this isn’t my favorite batch of finalists compared to past seasons, but there are definitely a few diamond here worth taking a second look at. Below I’m going to break down my power rankings of the contestants, along with sharing my new winner predictions. Have a look!

12- Keisha Renee– I love Keisha’s voice, but she lacks the following needed to put a dent in this competition.

11- Red Marlow– I just think he’s fodder.

10- Janice Freeman– Brooke is better and more appealing than her. No way she wins.

9- Adam Cunningham– This dude’s cool, but I don’t see him winning. He’ll follow the same trajectory many singers of his archetype in past seasons have went. And then he’ll go home.

8- Shi’Ann Jones– Shi’Ann has great raw talent, but right now she’s middle of the pack for me. She’s an easy out during the upcoming bloodbath elimination round.

7- Davon Fleming– I’m not a fan of Davon, but apparently many people are. Still, I don’t quite see him reaching finale night.

6- Jon Mero– Jon’s talented, but I just don’t see him cracking the top 5.

5- Ashland Craft– My pre-Battle Rounds winner pick has fallen from grace a bit. I don’t see her winning anymore, but I think she still can go deep.

4- Brooke Simpson– It’s strange. Even though many people say they love Brooke, she’s been charting very poorly on Itunes. I hope this doesn’t spell doom for her later in the game.

3- Chloe Kohanski– My personal favorite of this group. I’m praying she makes it this far.

2- Noah Mac– While as of now I think Addison has a slightly better likelihood of winning the season, I can also see the argument for Noah. He’s got a strong following, and is definitely a contender.

1- Addison Agen– I think she’s going to take it all. If not her, Noah will probably win.

Winner Predictions: Either Addison Agen or Noah Mac will be the winner of The Voice season 13. 

So those are my power rankings and winner predictions for the top 12. How do you rank the contestants? Who is your favorite contestant this season? Who do you think’s going home first? Let me know in the comments below!

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