‘The Voice’ 13 Top 8: Duet Pairings Spoilers

There’s a bit of a new addition this week on The Voice. In addition to the typical solo performances, the contestants will also be coming together for a round of duets.

The Voice revealed the pairings ahead of Monday’s show, which you can check out below.

Addison Agen with Keisha Renee

Chloe Kohanski with Noah Mac

Davon Fleming with Brooke Simpson

Adam Cunningham and Red Marlow

A note regarding these performances: All Itunes votes earned from the duets will be split amongst the two contestants.

This has a lot of potential to mess with the votes, but from my first impressions I’m at least glad that the pairings same fair. Still, I can’t help scratching my head at this decision. I can deduce it’s to help earn revenue from Itunes, but it just seems like a shady thing to do.

So what do you think of the pairings? Which performance are you most excited about? Do you think this system of voting for a pair is a good one? Let me know in the comments below.

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