‘The Voice’ 13 Top 8 Elimination Predictions

Alright, it’s time for the bloodbath (*groan*).

Tonight on The Voice in one of the most infamous and hated elimination rounds of the season, the number of contestants will be cut in half. Yes it’s true: by the end of the night eight will become four.

Here is how the round is going to work. At the start of the show the three top vote getters will all be named safe and moving on. Of the remaining five contestants, three will compete for the instant save and the other two will go right home.

In anticipation of that all happening, let’s take a shot at predicting who’s moving on to the finale next week, and who’s heading home by taking a look at how everyone’s performances sold on Itunes.

At the top of the Itunes chart we have Chloe Kohanski and Addison Agen. Both held the first and second spots respectively on Itunes (holy sales, Batman!). Additionally, Chloe’s duet with Noah Mac held the third place. I think it’s pretty safe to say Chloe and Addison both will be making finale night. Noah, who placed at 8th with his solo performance, I’m not so sure about though. If he does, getting paired with Chloe for the duets just might have been the thing that saves him

Dropping down only a few spots on the chart are Red Marlow, Brooke Simpson, and the aforementioned Mac. Red came in at 5th place with Brooke right on his tail at 6th. Those last two spots are very likely going to go to two of those three people. It’s a little tough to call.

Going down even more are Davon Fleming, Adam Cunningham, and Keisha Renee, all of which place outside of the top 10 on Itunes. It’s looking pretty bad for these three.

Alright, that all taken into concideration, here are my predictions.

Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen, and Noah Mac will be the three acts moving on. Davon Fleming and Adam Cunningham will be eliminated, leaving Red Marlow, Brooke Simpson, and Keisha Renee to compete for the instant save. Brooke Simpson will be the one saved.

I think that’s a pretty strong group for the finale. I think Chloe really has this thing in the bag at this point, but it’d definitely be a fun showdown at the end.

So those are my predictions. What do you think? Who do you feel is guaranteed to be moving on, and who do you think is definitely going home? What are your thoughts on the bloodbath round? Let me know in the comments below.

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