Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Reveals Coach Helped Her Find A Home

One of my biggest gripes regarding NBC’s hit reality singing competition, The Voice, is that I’ve always felt that the coaches hired for the job never truly get invested in the show and the contestants. I’ve always felt a sense of fakeness with them, especially when they’d say things like “I’ll forever be here for you,” or “I’ll be the first one in line to buy your record.” The reality is that most contestants are dropped like hot potatoes as soon as they are no longer relevant.

But it seems I was wrong though about one of the coaches.

Former contestant, Janice Freeman, shared earlier this week that following her stint on the show she fell on hard times again. The cancer survivor was struggling to find a place to stay for herself and her family. But as her coach, Miley Cyrus, had said on the show, she’d be there for her.

Miley ended up finding them a place to stay. Paying for the deposit, Cyrus also dropped payment for 6 months rent, enough for the family to get back on their feet.

“Miley, you are my dog, my best friend and I will defend you to the bitter end,” Janice explained in an emotional Instagram. “I’m telling you all, that woman is no joke. Not only did she do that, she put me and my family in a wonderful two-bedroom apartment until I found something. You don’t understand that these people are real, her heart is so true.”

Janice has nothing but kind things to say about her coach. Taking to Twitter, she shared further effusive praise.

“[Miley] you are one of my closest friends and what you did for me and my family, I’m praying GOD gives you the desire of your heart!” Janice explained.

Let Miley be the benchmark that all coaches for this show should follow. What an incredible thing that she did.

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