‘Dancing With Stars Junior Edition’ Update: Show Still In Development (Maybe)

Remember when Dancing With The Stars announced that there would be a junior iteration coming later in the year? Well, those plans ended up being put on hold for an athletes-only version, which is coming in just a few months. However, ABC’s Entertainment President, Channing Dungey, recently shared an explanation of what went on behind the scenes that caused the change in plans. He gave the explanation at the Television Critics Association tour.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We were in the early stages of talent search for Dancing Junior and it wasn’t going to come together as quickly as we would have liked,” she said. “We’d been talking for awhile about trying to do an all-sports edition, but the problem is that athletes have such tight schedules it’s hard to do a whole 13-week run. This actually slotted in perfectly, so we’re going to try that and see how it goes.”

That pretty much makes it sound like the whole kids idea was scrapped altogether. However, TVGuide.com is saying that the show is still in development, though it’s unknown when it will be released.

Who knows at this point.

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