‘The Voice’ 14 Reveal Day: See Who Will Be Competing In The Upcoming Season

It’s reveal day for The Voice 14, which means contestants are breaking the news over social media about their participation in the upcoming season. Over on fan site, Idol Forums, the dedicated superfans have compiled a list with all the contestants’ information. They even have some spoilers! Check them out, they’re really good with their intel.

So here is the list of contestants.

Alexa Cappelli Instagram | Youtube
Amber Sauer Instagram | Youtube
Angel Bonilla Instagram | Youtube
Ariana Tibi Instagram | Youtube
Arlo Instagram | Youtube
Arnecia Wallace Instagram | Youtube
Arthur James Instagram | Youtube
Austin Giorgio Instagram | Youtube
Austin Meade Instagram | Youtube
Blaise Raccuglia Instagram | Youtube
Bransen Ireland Instagram | Youtube
Brett Hunter Instagram | Youtube
Britton Buchanan Instagram | Youtube
Bryce Bangs Instagram | Youtube
Brynn Cartelli Instagram | Youtube
Bubba Instagram
Callie Young Instagram | Youtube
Cam Crowley Instagram | Youtube
Carly Lind Instagram | Youtube
Cassandra Jean Instagram | Youtube
Christiana Instagram | Youtube
Christiana Danielle Instagram | Youtube
Claire Koopman Instagram | Youtube
Dallas Caroline Instagram | Youtube
Dana Rae Instagram | Youtube
Daniel Garcia Instagram | Youtube
Donnell Thomas Instagram | Youtube
Dr King Instagram
Drew Cole Instagram | Youtube
Dylan Hartigan Instagram | Youtube
Emma Negrete Instagram | Youtube
Forrest Finn Instagram | Youtube
Gary Edwards Instagram | Youtube
Genesis Diaz Instagram | Youtube #1 | Youtube #2
Hannah Goebel Instagram | Youtube
Jackie Foster Instagram | Youtube
Jackie Verna Instagram | Youtube
Jamai Instagram | Youtube
Jamella Instagram (Private) | Youtube
Janelle Renee Instagram | Youtube
Jared Grimble Instagram | Youtube
Jaron Strom Instagram | Youtube | VEVO Channel
Jess Lee Instagram | Youtube
Johnny Bliss Instagram | Youtube
Jordan Kirkdorffer Instagram | Youtube
Jorge Eduardo Instagram | Youtube
Josh Tauaefa Instagram
Justin Kilgore Instagram | SoundCloud
Justin Oliver Instagram | Youtube
Kailey Abel Instagram | Youtube
Karianne Jean Instagram | Youtube
Kayla Woodson Instagram | Youtube
Kayley Green Instagram | Youtube
Kelsea Johnson Instagram | Youtube
Kyla Jade Instagram | Youtube
L Davison Instagram | Youtube
Lainee McDonald Instagram | Youtube
Lex Cole Instagram | Youtube
‘Livia Faith Instagram
Mae Estes Instagram | Youtube
Makenzie Thomas Instagram
Matt Lashoff Instagram | Youtube
Matthew Jared Instagram | Youtube
Megan Lee Instagram | Youtube
Melanie Mitchell Instagram | Youtube
Mercedes Ferreira Instagram Youtube
Mia Boostrom Instagram | Youtube
Michael-Andrew Spalding Instagram | Youtube
Mitch Cardoza Instagram | Old Youtube Account
Miya Mayo Bass Instagram | Youtube
Molly Stevens Instagram | Youtube
Myles Richmond Instagram
Natalia Segura Instagram | Youtube
Odell Bunton, Jr. Instagram | Youtube
Pride Instagram
Pryor Baird Instagram | Youtube
Rayshunn LaMarr Instagram | Youtube
Sam Sohmer Instagram | Youtube
Sara Avalos Instagram | Youtube
Shana Halligan Instagram | Youtube (Topic)
Sharane Calister Instagram | Youtube
Sophia Dion Instagram | Youtube
Spensha Baker Instagram | Youtube – Topic
Teana Boston Instagram | Youtube
Teddy Chipouras Instagram | Youtube
Teiliana Pelekai Instagram | Youtube
Terrence Cunningham Instagram
Tish Haynes Instagram | Youtube
Troy Grove Instagram | Instagram
Wildee Instagram | Youtube
Wilkes Instagram | Youtube

This upcoming season will also be the first iteration of The Voice to feature the new “block” twist. In addition, Kelly Clarkson is coming aboard for her first-time stint as a coach.

Anyway, what do you think of the contestants? Are there any that stand out for you as an early favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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