‘The Voice’ 14 Adds New ‘Save’ Twist

A new twist has just been revealed for the upcoming season of The Voice. In addition to the controversial block, for the knockout rounds coaches will be given a new ‘save’ power.

Audrey Morrissey, an executive producer of the show, revealed details of the twist in a Variety interview.

“Season 14 of the show will also introduce a save button that will allow a coach to save an artist they just eliminated during the knockout round,” Morrissey explained. “However, if another coach presses his or her steal button, the contestant can then decide if they want to go to a new team or return to their former coach.”

She went on to talk about the new level of strategy this adds to the game.

“The coaches love that because there was jeopardy,” Morrissey continued. “People didn’t necessarily go back to the [team] they had been on.”

I actually don’t mind this. It’s probably going to mean we’ll get a top 24 going into the live shows. So no wildcards maybe.

What do you think about this twist? Are you a fan of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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