American Idol 16 Disney Night: Top 10 Song Suggestions

It’s Disney week on American Idol! In anticipation of the upcoming performances, as always I’ve compiled a list of song suggestions for the contestants, which you can check out below. With my picks, I tried to steer clear of the obvious go-to songs that I feel the contestants will be drawn to (Let It Go, How Far I’ll Go), and tried to be more unconventional and surprising. That doesn’t mean though that I think the contestants will necessarily share my thought process with their final decisions; I totally see both those aforementioned songs getting picked. But still, it’s fun to theorize and speculate.

Anyway, on to the song suggestions!

(Note: Click the highlighted song for a Youtube link!)

Adam Sanders (Ada Vox)

1- Reflection, by Christina Aguilera (Mulan)– A moment waiting to happen. Shoutout to my podcast co-host Eric for suggesting the idea!

2- A Whole New World, from Aladdin (Nick Pitera version)– Either a brilliant idea or something that could easily backfire. Doing both voices would definitely have people talking.

Cade Foehner

1- You’ll Be In My Heart, by Phil Collins (Tarzan)– Could be an opportunity for Cade to show another side of him. (This song would also be great for Dennis)

2- I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, from The Lion King– I don’t know. I was kinda running out of ideas for Cade, to be honest.

Caleb Hutchinson

1- Life Is A Highway, by Racasall Flatts (Cars)– Right in his wheelhouse. I’ll be a little surprised if he doesn’t end up going with it; it makes that much sense.

2- Can You Feel The Love Tonight, by Elton John (The Lion King)– Song is quite emotional. I’m curious to see if he’d be able to pull it off.

Caitie Turner

1- A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, from Cinderella– Seems like it would be a solid pick.

2- When You Wish Upon A Star, from Pinocchio– Just her with the guitar could be incredible.

Dennis Lorenzo

1- I Can Go The Distance, by Michael Bolton (Hercules)– One of my personal favorite Disney songs! I want to see what Dennis would do with it.

2- You’re Welcome, from Moana (Jordan Fisher version)– Jordan’s version seems like it would be brilliant with Dennis.

Gabby Barrett

1- Colors Of The Wind, from Pocahontas– Seems like it would fit her voice.

2- Ever Ever After, by Carrie Underwood (Enchanted)– A choice that makes sense, given the artist.


1- Unforgettable, by Sia (Finding Dory)– Could be a moment.

2- Part Of Your World, by Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid)– I just thought she’d do well with this.

Maddie Poppe

1- When She Loved Me, by Sarah McLachlan (Toy Story 2)– A perfect song for Maddie.

2- Remember Me, from Coco (lullaby version)– A lilty twist on this song could be a strong moment. I’m thinking of the version HERE.

Michael J. Woodard

1- I’ll Make A Man Out Of You, by Donny Osmond (Mulan)– Michael was hard to pick songs for! I think he could do well with this.

2- Evermore, by Josh Groban (Beauty and the Beast)– A powerful ballad! It might be a bit much for Michael, but still could be a strong moment.

Michelle Sussett

1- That’s How You Know, from Enchanted– Michelle loves fun songs, so this seems like it would be in her wheelhouse.

2- When Can I See You Again, by Owl City (Wreck-It Ralph)– Ditto.

So those are my suggestions! What did you think? Is there a particular Disney song YOU want to hear the contestants sing? Let me know in the comments below!

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