American Idol 16: Top 10 Power Rankings

Alrighty, it’s time to talk about the top 10 of American Idol going into this week’s Disney-themed round of performances. In anticipation of it, I’ve put together power rankings of where I see the contestant lying.

Here are my thoughts:

10- Michelle Sussett– I think there is little Michelle can do at this point to save herself from what looks to be her inevitable elimination this week. Remember Me is a great song choice for her, but I think it’s too little too late. People have already picked their favorites this season.

9- Dennis Lorenzo– Needing a save from the judges is never a good sign for a contestant’s win equity. I really enjoy Dennis’s performance, but I think he is just going to be one of those contestants that, if he continues to survive, is going to be at risk week after week.

8- Jurnee– America clearly did not take to Jurnee, though I can’t say I’m not surprised. In my opinion, she has the best raw vocal potential, which makes it all the bigger shame that people aren’t getting out and voting for her. I hate putting her this low, but I really doubt she’ll reach top 5.

7- Adam Sanders (Ada Vox)– As much as it hurts to put Jurnee so low, it hurts even more so to do it to Adam. I must say, I think of all the contestants in Idol history, Adam may be the one with the worst luck: after auditioning for the show 13 times, he finally gets on the shortest season and with the worst format for competing. I’m worried for him.

6-Michael J. Woodard– Michael seems like a contestant who will likely be safe for the next round, but I think has little possibility of winning. I see him making top 5 at best.

5- Caleb Lee Hutchinson– The season’s country boy seems to be in a steady position going into Disney week. As long as he doesn’t completely bomb, he should continue to ride the wave of safety into top 5 week.

4- Gabby Barrett– I was waffling on putting Gabby third or fourth, but with a certain contestant consistently gaining speed from her social media presence and Youtube views, I ended up going with the latter. I still think that, unfortunately, Gabby really has a shot of winning this thing tough. For me, I just find her country shtick and persona to be a little fake. Also, producers clearly are pushing her, and I don’t like them telling me which contestants I should like.

3- Caitie Turner– I’d be much happier with a final 3 of Caitie, Cade, and Maddie. Caitie has grown on me so much after her performances and gave a masterclass on how to successfully bounce back from an unbalanced top 24 showing. I feel like she’s finally found her groove, and I’m totally digging what she’s selling. I’m just left wondering, and hoping, that Havana wasn’t her hitting the ceiling of her potential on the Idol stage.

2- Cade Foehner– Cade’s really here because he’s a competent white rock singer who plays guitar. Take his voice and place it on Michael and you’d get a mid-placing finalist. I don’t know, I just think Cade is one of the weaker WGWG chosen ones to grace the Idol stage. Still, he’ll totally be one of the few here at the end.

1- Maddie Poppe– I’d much rather see Maddie, the quirky and unique singer, be the one to take it all this season. Granted none of the contestants I’ve chosen to win in the past have done so, but I’m holding out hope that Maddie will be the one to break the curse. There’s this air of quiet confidence about her that is really charming and I think she would make for a brilliant Idol 16 winner. I believe in this girl.

So that’s how I rank the contestants. How do you? Which contestants do you think are most in trouble this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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