American Idol 16: Top 7 Song Suggestions

In a bit of a surprise to the Idol fanbase, news broke yesterday that not only will the contestants this upcoming week be taking on the music of Prince, but also songs from the years they were born. I’ll admit, I’m not that familiar with Prince’s music, but songs from the 90s/2000 are straight up my alley. It did pain me a bit putting together this list though and realizing that I’m older than all of the contestants.

The song spoiler’s for the Prince side of things have already leaked, which you can check out HERE.

Anyway, on to the song suggestions!

(Note: Click the highlighted song for a Youtube link!)

Cade Foehner (1996)

1- Exit Music (For A Film), by Radiohead

2- Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), by Green Day

Caleb Lee Hutchinson (1999)

1- Amazed, by Lonestar (obvious pick here)

2- Write This Down, by George Strait

Caitie Turner (2000)

1- Bye Bye Bye, by The N’Sync (Amy Vachal version)

2- Yellow, by Coldplay (stripped back, just her and the guitar, it could be great)

Gabby Barrett (2000)

1- Born To Fly, by Sara Evans

2- I Hope You Dance, by Leann Womack

Jurnee (2000)

1- Say My Name, by Destiny’s Child

2- I’m Like A Bird, by Nelly Furtado

Maddie Poppe (1997)

1- Foolish Games, by Jewel

2- Torn, by Natalie Imbruglia

Michael J. Woodard (1997)

1- Go The Distance, by Michael Bolton

2- Make You Feel My Love, by Bob Dylan

So those are my suggestions! What did you think? Is there a particular song YOU want to hear the contestants sing? Let me know in the comments below!

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