American Idol 16: Top 7 Power Rankings

Tonight on American Idol the top 7 will be taking on the music of Prince and songs from the years they were born (check out song spoilers by clicking the link HERE). After their performances and the ongoing live vote, 2 singers will be eliminated. With 14 songs plus the elimination to get through, tonight is bound to be a packed episode.

Here is how I personally rank the contestants going into tonight’s performances.

7- Jurnee– I think Jurnee is pretty much doomed at this point. Going into last week’s performances, I felt that there was little Michelle Sussett could possibly do to save herself and now I feel that Jurnee is filling that role going into this week. It’ll take a miracle and back-to-back killer performances to save her.

6- Caleb Lee Hutchinson– I think the wave of safety this season’s country boy has been riding will be coming to an end this week. Caleb is an inoffensive contestant who has been consistently turning in okay performances. There’s nothing particularly wrong with him; he seems like a nice enough guy, but there just hasn’t been anything close to a moment from him all season either. The field is narrowing and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall just short of the top 5

5- Michael J. Woodard– It’s such a shame for me to have to put Michael this low, but honestly I see little he can do to make it to finale night. Michael’s voice is incredible and most of his performances have been memorable, but he doesn’t fit the mold of a contestant that viewers will particularly want to rally behind. I think he has a good shot of surviving this week, but I also feel that if he turns in a less than stellar performance he could end up being in trouble.

4- Gabby Barrett– Colors Of The Wind was not Gabby’s best performance this season, but this girl has people. The producers have been putting in work to get viewers on her bandwagon, and I see no hint of that stopping any time soon. Still, while I may not be a fan of hers, I think Caitie and Maddie are starting to really siphon off some of her supporters. I’m not quite sure honestly where she will end up placing in the end: she’ll either be the winner, or finish fourth. You can guess how I’d prefer things to go down.

There’s a tie for second place in my rankings. Honestly, I can see any of these three taking the crown.

2- Caitie Turner– I have been so happy with Caitie’s progress this season. It’s crazy to think that I had basically written her off as fodder after her Call Me performance, but since then what she’s been turning in has been pretty great. I’m still not quite sure she’ll end up winning, but she’s damn well giving Maddie and Cade a run for their money at this point. I personally would love to see her in the finale with Maddie.

2- Maddie Poppe– You guys know I’m a little biased when it comes to Maddie, but I have to say, she has been killing it all season long. Even my least favorite performances of hers is still pretty flipping good. Like I’ve said, there’s just something about this girl that really draws an audience in. I think she really is a favorite to possibly win the entire season. Also, based on her song picks this week, I think she’s going to be having a pretty strong night.

1- Cade Foehner– Cade is the WGWG who seems destined to win this season. His performance last week was strong and showed off another side of him that was necessary if he wanted to maintain his front runner status. I don’t see a finale without him.

So that’s how I rank the contestants. How do you? Which contestants do you think are most in trouble this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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