American Idol 16: Top 5 Power Rankings

Tonight the top 5 of American Idol will be taking on the music of Carrie Underwood and songs in honor of Mother’s Day. In anticipation of the performances, I put together my power rankings of where I see the contestants standing.

Check ’em out below!

5- Michael J. Woodard– I think it’s pretty obvious that Michael is doomed this week, and I feel most Idol fans probably agree with this sentiment. I think there’s little he can do to try and save himself, which is truly such a shame because I really think he is talented.

4- Caleb Lee Hutchinson– This is where things get a bit more dicey. While most people agree that Michael is likely going home, who will join him is a lot more up in the air. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict it will be Caleb who will also be eliminated, but honestly I can see it being any of the remaining contestants. The thing is, in past seasons Idol viewers would usually get a bottom 2 or 3, and without it it makes these predictions a lot harder to make. For all we know Caleb could have been near the bottom every week, but then again he could also be way up at the top.

3- Cade Foehner– It’s funny, I used to be positive that Cade was going to be the one to be crowned the winner of this season, but now I don’t anymore. I feel at best he will end up maybe being the runner up. But then again, since I’m finally discounting him, that basically makes it a certainty that he will end up winning.

2- Gabby Barrett– I am not a fan of Gabby’s but I can’t deny how popular she is. People really like her, and honestly, I think she has a great shot of winning this entire competition.

1- Maddie Poppe– I’m still not taking Maddie off the top spot. I really, truly, think she has a shot to win. If she can survive this hurdle, especially if she makes it to finale with Caleb and Cade, she’ll be in great shape going into finale night.

So that’s how I rank the contestants. How do you? Which contestants do you think are most in trouble this week? Let me know in the comments below. Also, I’ll be having my weekly podcast about the

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