American Idol 16: Bobby Bones Set To Mentor The Top 3

Radio personality, Bobby Bones, is set to return to American Idol to mentor the top 3 ahead of their finale performances on Monday. After appearing on the show to mentor the top 24 all of a month ago, Bobby will be back to deliver more of his constructive and useful critiques along the lines of “just be yourself” and “you need to own the stage.” News broke of his return earlier today via Twitter.

Honestly, I’m not too excited about them bringing back Bobby: he didn’t add much to the show last time and I doubt he will this time around. He’s basically just glorified filler, meant to bring in his radio listeners and give the contestants cliche advice, but who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us.

What do you think about Bones returning to mentor? Which of the contestants do you think will benefit most from his insight? Let me know in the comments below.

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