‘Black Mirror’ Actor on Potential ‘USS Callister’ Spinoff: “I’ve Heard Little Buzzes”

In the days since the launch of Netflix’s Black Mirror season 4, there’s been quite a bit of fan outcry for a spinoff series revolving around the episode USS Callister. Without going into too much spoiler territory, the plot does leave a lot of things open, which has further opened the door for the demands.

Jimmi Simpson, one of the leading actors of the episode who played Lieutenant Walton, added fuel to the fire with a certain comment he made at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. Here is what he had to say.

“I’ve heard little buzzes. I’ve heard little buzzes. But I don’t believe anything until I’m working on set,” Simpson explained to reporters. “I would love it.”

Well he seems onboard. It’d definitely be an interesting idea to explore, but as for it actually happening though is a whole different story.

What do you think about a potential spinoff to USS Callister? Would you tune in to watch it? Let me know in the comments below.

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