‘The Voice’ 14 Will Have Live Playoffs Round

The Voice 14 may not be airing its Blind Auditions yet, but spoilers for the upcoming season are already starting to leak. The biggest news to come out recently is that the Playoffs, which is when the contestants are cut from 20 (or sometimes 24) down to the top 12, are going to be live for the first time since season 12.

This is big because it means that the public will possibly be getting to vote on who will advance, compared to when in the past the coaches would simply pick who goes on.

This news is revealed through 1Iota.com, which is a site that finds seat fillers for TV shows. According to their listings, the next taping will be live on April 16th. So far a top 20 has already been selected.

In other news, according to the official schedule season 14 will also have 6 weeks of live shows. Compare that to the 5 that last season had and it means we’ll have more time to get invested in the contestants. Maybe this will mean there won’t be a bloodbath? Who knows at this point.

The Voice 14 news is just getting started! Keep your eyes peeled for future spoilers.

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